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Big & significant changes in life usually begin with little “insignificant” things. Nothing should be undervalued, every formation is a step.

Ahmed Hulusi

Dear Readers,

Please find below our weekly pearls of wisdom by Ahmed Hulusi. This week we bring to you a beautiful poem of Love and Healing, ‘My Child’.  I hope that the following video and its beautiful words will bring to you the comfort and inner peace that it has brought so many people. The message is simple, ‘Let go off the Demon of Eating Disorder’, ‘beat it’, ‘kill it’, if you want to go further on path of God.

If only one of these quotes from our weekly pearls of wisdom can be to you as an oasis in the desert in which you presently find yourself, this blog will have done what it set out to do.


The Basmalah starts with the name “Allah” and by its first letter “B” infers that you will only find HIM within your essential reality.






Duality is the delusion that the “I” exists separately from Allah, and thinking that actions originate from the self. Read Quran 37:96



“While Allah created you and that which you do?”


Surat As-Saffat 




 Narrated by Aliya Atalay – Video Editing by Nazli Turkmen

“My Child”

You confuse fondness with liking and liking with love my child!
Love accepts no identity; ‘You’ can’t be in love!
There is no room for ‘You’ in love…
Come after you strip yourself of your self my child!

Love can’t be imitated.
Love can’t be known without being experienced.
An ego that isn’t enflamed by love cannot be erased!
Come after you forego your ego my child.




Love of Allah is not the love a god up in the heavens! It is HIS endless appearances you continually see. It is impossible to love another.

Ahmed Hulusi


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Islam and Eating Disorders founded in 2012 – run by Maha Khan, the blog creates awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world, offers information and support for sufferers and their loved ones.

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