The Power of Prayer Healing with Surah Yaseen (36th Chapter)




The Prophet (SalAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, ‘Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people'[Bazzar].

(S.Muhammad Ali Sabuni, Tafsir-al-SabuniVol.2)


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Surah Yaseen. Quran is the greatest marvel and blessing of Allah. In this Book, a person can find solution to any problem and answer to all the questions. The recitation of The Holy Quran in addition to adding religious reward also influences on the life of a person in numerous ways. Please find below our post on Healing with Sura YaSeen.



 “Indeed, all things have a heart. The heart of the Quran is the chapter Yaseen. Whoever reads Yaseeen, Allah will give him the reward of having read the whole Quran without the chapter Yaseen – ten times over.”


Do you know about most healing tool in recovery from Eating Disorder? Yaseen, the most powerful weapon in healing your Eating Disorder.

Through recitation of Surah Yaseen you can change the Eating Disorder Brain.

In words of Ahmed Hulusi: “Prayer and dhikr are the world’s most powerful weapons with which you have been endowed. By learning to use these forces within your brain and heart, you can reach endless beauties of the life of this world and beyond.”

Make a habit of reciting Surah Yaseen everyday . The Power Of Prayer… And you will see how your world will transform InshAllah.

Surah Yaseen is one of the most reverend Surah of Quran and Muslims all over the world memorize it, recite it, and listen to its recitation with great respect and sanctity.

The benefits of reciting this beautiful Sura from Quran are many.  I found recitation of Surah Yasin and listening to Sura Yaseen very beneficial in my journey to healing. I still remember the bad days of anorexia and I thought the recovery was not possible. The problem was my mind and my lack of control over my incoherent thoughts. Alhamdulilah, thanks to mighty Allah, today my mind is very strong and I am very stable.


Eating disorders are often disabling and too often fatal, but the disease doesn’t kill people: lack of proper treatment does. People with anorexia do not choose the thoughts and the beliefs and the behaviors that we see from the outside. What appears to be a “desire” to avoid eating and a “wish” to end treatment and “refusal” to eat are symptoms of a severe brain disorder.

A disorder that is treatable. A disorder from which people can fully recover. At all ages and from even the most dire health.

If you wish to attain benefits, then it is imperative that he or she makes recitation of Surah Yaseen a part of everyday life.


“Just as the chapter Yaseen may be read on a daily basis or once every Friday, one who is distressed may also read it seven times and ask Allah to be freed from his troubles for the sake of this chapter.”



“The chapter Yaseen is the heart of the Quran. If one reads Yaseen longing for Allah and the hereafter, Allah will definitely let Himself be found. Read chapter Yaseen upon our deceased ones.”

Abu Dawud, Musnad of Ahmad



Hadiths on Yaseen- Taken from The Power of Prayer



There are many hadith in regards to the benefits of reading the chapter Yaseen. Below are some of them.

“If one, who makes it a habit to read the chapter Yaseen every night before going to bed, passes away during the night, he will die a martyr.”

“Read chapter Yaseen frequently because there is prosperity and abundance in it:

1. If a hungry person reads it they will be fed.

2. If a naked person reads it they will be clothed.

3. If a single person reads it they will meet a partner and be wed.

4. If one who is scared reads it they will be safe from their fears.

5. One who is distressed by worldly affairs will be relieved of their distress.



6. The traveler will be freed from the burdens of traveling.

7. One who has lost something will find what they have lost.

8. One who reads it at the time of death will be freed from their troubles.

9. A thirsty one will quench their thirst.

10. A sick person will find healing if it not yet their time of death.”Al-Bayhaqi Shu`ab al-Iman.



One may also read Yaseen forty-one times in times of trouble and need and pray to Allah for the acceptance of one’s prayers. Another practice is for a group of people to gather, each one reading Yaseen several times to complete it to forty-one in total, and then pray altogether.


Make a habit of listening to Surah Yaseen everyday. Below is the beautiful recitation by Shaikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasy.




By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.

1. Ya Sin (O Muhammad)!

2. And the Quran full of wisdom (which he disclosed)!

3. You are most definitely of the Rasuls.

4. Upon a straight path.

5. With the comprehensive knowledge disclosed to you by the One who is the Aziz, the Rahim.

6. So that you may warn a people whose forefathers have not been warned and thus who live cocooned (from their reality, the sunnatullah).

7. Indeed, the word (“Hell will be filled with the majority of humans and the jinni”) has come true for most of them! Because of this they do not believe.

8. Indeed, We have formed shackles (conditionings and judgments) around their necks up to their chins! Their heads are aloft (they are unable to see their essential reality; they live driven by their egos)!

9. And We have formed a barrier before them and after them (they can neither see their future nor take lessons from their past) and thus We covered them… They can no longer see.

10. Whether you warn them or do not warn them, it is all the same; they will not believe!

11. You can only warn the one who remembers (the reality that is reminded) and who is in awe of the Rahman, as his unknown. Give him the good news of forgiveness and an abundant reward.

12. Indeed, it is We, yes only We, who can bring the dead to life! We write their deeds and what they put forth! We record everything (with all its detail) in a Clear Book (in their brains and their spirits).

13. Give them the example of the people of that city to which the Rasuls had come.

14. When We sent two Rasuls to them and they denied them both… Upon this We sent a third one and strengthened him, and they (the Rasuls) said, “Indeed, We have been disclosed to you.”

15. They responded, “You are not but mere humans like us… And the Rahman has not disclosed anything… You are but liars.”

16. (The Rasuls) said, “Our Rabb knows, we have indeed been disclosed to you.”

17. “We are only responsible for clear notification.”

18. They said, “Indeed, we think you are a bad omen… So, if you do not desist we will definitely stone you to death and a severe suffering will afflict you from us.”

19. They said, “Your bad omen is from you… (Is it a bad omen) because you are reminded (of your reality)? No, you are a wasteful people.”

20. Then a man came running from the farthest end of the city, saying, “O my people, follow the Rasuls.”

21. “Follow those who do not ask you for anything in return, who are upon the reality!”

22. “How can I not serve the One who gave me this disposition? To Him you will be returned.”

23. “Shall I take gods besides Him! If the Rahman wills to manifest adversity, their intercession will neither benefit me nor protect me…”

24. “In that case, I would be in clear error!”

25. “I have indeed believed in the Rabb manifest in you, listen to me!”

26. (He was told) “Enter Paradise!” He said, “I wish my people knew my state!”

27. “How my Rabb forgave me and placed me among those who are the receivers of generosity (the Name Karim).”

28. After that We did not disclose upon his people any army from the heavens, nor would We have done so.

29. There was only a single cry, and immediately they were extinguished!

30. What a loss for those servants! Whenever a Rasul came to them, they used to mock and ridicule his message.

31. Did they not see how many generations We destroyed before them, and that none of them will return!

32. And indeed, all of them will be brought present (forcefully).

33. The dead earth is also a sign for them! We brought it to life, and brought forth from it produce of which they eat…

34. And formed therein gardens with date palms and grapevines, and caused springs to gush.

35. So that they eat its fruit and what their hands produce… Are they still not grateful?

36. Subhan is He who created all pairs (DNA helix) from what the earth (body) produces and from themselves (their consciousness) and from that which they don’t know!

37. The night is also a sign for them! We pull the day (light) out of it and they are left in darkness.

38. And the Sun runs on its course! This is the determination of the Aziz, the Aleem.

39. As for the Moon, We have appointed stations to it… Until it finally becomes like an old date stalk.

40. Neither will the Sun overtake the Moon nor the night outpace the day! Each floats in its own orbit.

41. And a sign for them are the ships We carried full with their progeny!

42. And that We created for them the like of it in which they can ride!

43. And if We should will, We could drown them, and there will be none to help them, nor will they be saved!

44. Except if We give them a specified life term as grace from Us so that they may benefit.

45. But when they are told, “Protect yourselves from what is before you (the things you will encounter) and what is behind you (the consequences of the things you did in the past) so that you may receive grace” they turn away.

46. And no proof comes to them of the signs of their Rabb from which they do not turn away.

47. And when they are told, “Give unrequitedly from the sustenance with which Allah nourishes you,” those who deny the knowledge of the reality say to the believers, “Shall we feed those who, if Allah had willed, He would have fed? You are only in clear error.”

48. They say, “If you are true to your word, (tell us) when will this promise (be fulfilled)?”

49. They do not await anything except a single cry (the blowing of the horn [body]), which will seize them while they are disputing.

50. At that time they will neither have the strength to make a bequest nor will they be able to return to their families!

51. And the horn has been blown! At once you will see them leave their graves (bodies) and hasten towards their Rabb (to the realization of their essence)!

52. They will say, “Woe to us! Who has delivered us from our sleeping place (the world) to a new state of existence? This must be the promise of the Rahman; the Rasuls have indeed told the Truth.” (Hadith: Mankind is asleep; with death, they will awaken!)

53. Only a single blow (of Israfil’s horn) took place… At once they are all brought present before Us.

54. At that time, no soul shall be wronged in any way… You will not be recompensed, except for what you did (you will only live the consequences of your own actions)!”

55. The people of Paradise, at that time, will be occupied with the joy and amusement of the blessings of Paradise.

56. They and their partners shall recline on couches in the shade.

57. They shall have fruits therein… And whatever pleasurable things they shall desire.

58. “Salam,” a word from a Rahim Rabb shall reach them (they will experience the manifestation of the Name Salam)!

59. “O guilty ones! Stand apart!”

60. O Children of Adam… Did I not enjoin upon you (inform you), that you not serve Satan (body/bodily and unconscious state of existence deprived of the knowledge of the reality; ego driven existence), for indeed, he (this state of unconsciousness) is to you a clear enemy?

61. And that you serve only Me (experience and feel the requisites of the reality), as this is the straight path (sirat al-mustaqim)?

62. Indeed, (your belief that you are only the body and that you will become inexistent when you die) has caused many of you to go astray! Did you not use your intellect?

63. So, here is the Hell that you have been promised!

64. Experience the results of denying your essential reality now!

65. We will seal their mouths at that time, their hands will speak to Us, and their feet will bear witness about what they have done.

66. And if We willed We could have blinded their eyes and they would have rushed about on the path… But how could they see (this Truth)?

67. And if We willed We could have paralyzed them in their places (fixated them upon their current understanding) and they would not be able to move forward, nor go back to their old states.

68. And to whom We grant a long life, We weaken in creation. Do they still not use their intellect?

69. We did not teach him poetry! Nor is it befitting for him! It is only a reminder and a clear Quran!

70. To warn the living and justify the word against the deniers of the reality.

71. Do they not see how We created sacrificial animals for them among Our creation… And they are their owners?

72. We tamed them (cattle) for them… And on some of them they ride, and some of them they eat.

73. And for them therein are benefits and drinks… Are they still not grateful?

74. They took gods besides Allah, hoping they could be helped!

75. They (the gods) cannot help them! (On the contrary) they are like soldiers (in service) to their gods!

76. So, let not their words grieve you… Indeed, We know what they conceal and what they reveal.

77. Did man not see how We created him from sperm… Despite this, he is now an open enemy!

78. He forgets his own creation and presents for Us an example saying, “Who will give life to the bones when they have rotted away?”

79. Say, “He who brought them to life in the first place will resurrect them and give them life! HU is Aleem of every creation with His Names.”

80. It is He who produced fire for you from a green tree, from which you kindle fire!

81. Is He who created the heavens and the earth not able to create their like with His Names? Yes! HU is the Hallaq, the Aleem.

82. Indeed, when He wills a thing, His command is ‘Kun – be’ (He merely wishes it to be), and it is (formed with ease)!

83. Subhan is He in whose hand (governance) is the Malakut (the force of the Names) of all things, and to Him you will be returned (the illusory self – ego will come to an end and the Absolute Reality will be discerned).

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It has been reported by Aisha (radiAllahu anha)that the Prophet (SalAllahu alayhi wasalam) said that there is a surah in the Qur’an that intercedes for itsreciter and forgive its listener. Know! It is Surah Yasin. It is called ‘Mu’amma’ in the Torah. It was enquired, what is Mu’amma? The Prophet (SalAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, ‘it embraces the person with the goodness of this world and removes the dismay of the Hereafter’


[Hashiya of Tafsir Jalalalayn , pg 368].



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