Golden Pearls of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani





Our strength is much greater than our will. In order to conceal this shortcoming, whenever we cannot perform a task, we say : “It is not possible….”



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Please find below our Golden Words of Wisdom by Sufi Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani. We hope you’ll them as inspirational as we do.


qadir-quotesborderLook towards that person who looks towards you. Love that person that loves you, listen to that person that listens to you and give your hands in his hands that are prepared to grasp it.

borderOur enemies are our greatest moral teachers, because they thrust our faults in our faces.


The remedy from poverty is not to bear grudges against the rich.


Do not trust a person who does not trust himself.


The human being obtains some of his misfortunes by failing to attend to his own comfort.


The purpose of education is not to make a machine, but to make the human being.


The human being is not in control of his feelings, but he is in control of his movements.


When a persons authority is great, his effort and his caution must also be great.


You must keep your judgement clear of the mists of vain conceit.

borderCompared to the pleasure given by granting pardon, the pleasure given by exacting revenge is very faint indeed.

border You must be such an ardent lover of truthfulness that every statement you make assumes the quality of a solemn oath.


When your soul is bored you must work.


We have been created to rely on one another. If a stone is removed from a wall, as if to demonstrate the risk of that wall’s collapsing, and if one of us withdraws, we are left face to face with the danger of its collapse.


Your most real enemies are the greed, the envy and the jealousy that live in your heart. These are the soldiers of the instigating self (an-nafs al-ammara).


Are you not fond of life? If not, you must not waste your time, because life is a garment made from the cloth of time.


The display of fame most often suppresses the voice of conscience.


 For others it is justice, while for us it is compassion.


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  1. Fabulous, I am pretty much proud that we have muslims pushing towards dealing with life issues in a correct manner. Spirituality is a great factor which really can help in overcoming such dilemma, many of our mashaykh of four orders lived a healthy way of life. I remember hearing from my grand shaykh of Qadiriya order that a complete human is the one who’s both body and spirituality is healthy. Its a pleasure to come across such a blog.


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