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“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”

”Today I do what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can accomplish what others don’t.”

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Please find below another useful post from Bulimia ‘A Question and Your Primary Focus in Recovery ‘. This is by Ali Kerr. I hope you’ll find it useful in recovery.

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Learn about intentions, for their importance is greater than the importance of actions. –

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People often ask me what is the most important aspect of recovery to focus on. 

I always answer the same.

Focus on healing the body first.

Focus on overcoming any malnutrition.

I really want you to open your mind here.

We truly believe that for the vast majority of people, bulimia is mainly a physical issue, rather than a mental one.

To recover you must focus on addressing the physical aspects.

Research shows that the effects of starvation are incredibly similar to that of eating disorders (Polivy & Herman, 1976).

And that many of the symptoms that might have been thought to be specific to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are actually the results of starvation (Pirke & Ploog, 1987).

If you binge and purge or restrict in any way, chances are your body is malnourished.

Your body is in starvation mode.



This might help to explain why traditional treatments that focus only on the mental aspects of eating disorders aren’t very effective.

If bulimia is mostly a physical condition, you cannot possibly “think yourself” better.

Try “thinking” a broken leg better. It won’t get you very far.

Shockingly, studies show that no scientific evidence supports the idea that resolving underlying psychological problems leads to recovery (Walsh & Cameron, 2005).

Despite this lack of evidence, many people remain absolutely convinced that bulimia can be healed by focusing on the mental aspects alone.

But the mind-body connection is profound, and it can not be ignored.

For instance, right now an overwhelming amount of evidence shows that physical exercise works to alleviate low-mood, stress, anxiety, and depression (Otto & Smits, 2011).

It’s the same with bulimia.

To recover you must focus on addressing the physical aspects. When you heal your body you will heal your mind.

This should be your primary concern and focus in recovery.

In health and recovery,
Ali Kerr

Ali Kerr



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