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The Prophet (saw) said, “When it is a friday, the angels stand at the gate of the mosque and keep on writing the names of the persons coming to the mosque in succession according to their arrivals. The example of the one who enters the mosque in the earliest hour is that of one offering a camel (in sacrifice). The one coming next is like one offering a cow and then a ram and then a chicken and then an egg respectively. When the Imam comes out (for jummah prayer) they (i.e. angels) fold their papers and listen to the Khutba.”


Sahih Bukhari

“O you who believe, when the Salat is announced on Friday, you shall hasten to the commemoration of God, and drop all business. This is better for you, if you only knew. Once the prayer is completed, you may spread through the land to seek God’s bounties, and continue to remember God frequently, that you may succeed.”

Surah al-Jumuah, 9-10.


Dear Readers,


There is a revelation and a watch ordained by Allah to guide and remind us of his creation. It is about the holy day, one I will call a Holy seventh.


friday blessings in recovery

Allah gave us this day for many reason. Please let me share this with you should you be found with struggle against your body, from effect, ED; perhaps someone that you know needs help. What I am about to share works more than any drugs.

Remember; و الله لا ألحق المرض دون وصف علاج ل ذلك ، والمعروف أن كل من يعرف ذلك ، وغير معروفة لمن لا يعرف ذلك. “(التي ذكرها أحمد من نايلآل أوتار ، V. 9 ، ص 89) ،

Walllah la ‘alhaq almarad dun wasaf eilaj l dhlk, walmerwf ‘ann kl min yaerif dhlk, waghayr maerufat liman la yaerif dhalik. “(Alty dhakaraha ‘ahmad min nayil – al ‘uwtar, V. 9, s 89 )

Recovery from Eating Disorder requires significant investment also known as commitment, responsibility, self-conviction and belief. My eating disorder grabbed hold of my life and flipped it around in reality. Recovery dependably started with conceding that there is an issue that requires change, tolerating help and experiencing a procedure to treatment. Eating disorder are not a characteristic piece of life, and you need to work at changing conceivably unsafe behaviour. Though, it is hard to break free from a particular habit/addiction, but breaking free from so many eating disorder behaviours has proven more difficult. Eating disorder can have durable impacts on the cerebrum capacities, how an individual feels and sees life and the general capacity of a person.

For as long as a year and a half, I’ve spent each Friday in accommodation to Allah, relinquishing Eating Disorder is a piece of life. Perilous and dangerous behaviour are not a characteristic piece of anything. Eating Disorder is not an aphrodisiac —it is an obstacle to healthy living.


Despite how you really start eating disorder recovery, Recovery is about stepping at once. Some individuals will require a more extended time in recovery than others, so it’s imperative that on the off chance that you feel that recovery is not advancing the way you need it to, stick with it and continue pushing forward—the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually the injuries and the agony that has been brought on by the devil of Eating Disorder. Take as much time as is needed and go at your own rate.

I started Recovery On Friday. Why? This is simply because Friday is a Day devoted to Allah, His Prophets and His Angels. I wanted to live and in order to live I had to break the chains of Eating Disorder.



Recovery from an Eating Disorder is an excursion made of little strides and little victories. I generally take a gander at Friday as a day Free from the limitations of Demon of Eating Disorder. Friday is an honoured day as well a Holy Day in Islam.



For me Friday turned into a Love your Self Day, Eat for Your Health Day, Take a Break from Eating Disorder conduct Day. Presently subsequent to placing Friday into behaviour for more than a year and a half, I could see the endless advantages on my mental and physical well-being.




Living in subjugation is difficult, satisfying the evil presence every minute of every day is difficult, and taking care of the tiring requests of the devil of Eating Disorder is significantly additionally depleting and tiring. We as a whole need a break occasionally and it can be hard to enjoy a reprieve from your eating disorder behaviour.

Challenge and change your behaviours and behaviour.



Friday Ibn Qayyam

Friday is a blessed Day.  We can never count the blessings of this blessed day. Over the Muslim world, Friday is celebrated and adored as a holy day.  There are hundreds of advantages of presenting some eating disorder leisure time to your week.

Eating disorder murders. It slaughters fellowships, it executes connections, it murders families, and it can prompt physical and mental damage. Murder the Eating Disorder on the off chance that you need to carry on with a glad, solid life.

Meeting the requests of the devil of Eating Disorder is distressing. Your brain is not settled. Eating disorder adversely affects your wellbeing on account of the furious and consistent condition of tumult. It prompts wellbeing issues, rest variations from the norm, and even substance misuse. It likewise destroys your vitality, abandoning you physically and sincerely vacant. Every one of these things can abbreviate your life. By offering yourself a break and watching Friday, you are attempting to acquire some balance on the beam of life.




Your Body Knows

                                     My Body always knew it was being abused- the consequences of this abuse are horrific. I still pay the price for this act of negligence.


You can never cheat your body. Your body is smarter than you think in your mind. It’s a miracle and a revelation. When you abuse your body through stylish eating methodologies, your body begins to develop a resistance to all your eating disorder behaviours. As your resistance develops, you have to – utilize all the more eating disorder behaviours to get the same impacts. Friday is a day to submit to your body and recognize that your body is a supernatural occurrence that necessities love and care.


flower-bulletAbstain from Psychological limits


flower-bulletNo space for Eating Disorder on Friday as it could be a sin, hurting the body Allah has given you, his creation.


flower-bulletSay No to Eating Disorder Behaviours-that is being aware of the eating disorder you want to fix up.


‘Tomorrow I’m going to surrender all my Eating Disorder behaviour’ – well it just isn’t possible this will basically prompt slip-ups. Not on the grounds that you are powerless but rather in the light of the fact that the you are not completely prepared inside you to stop.


The first and paramount thing to remember while giving up eating disorder is that; it is utilized by you as a method for dealing with stress. One day choosing to go cold turkey(immediately) – to free yourself of something you despise – is just fine, however without the reinforcement of better approaches for adapting, coping, new leaves turned on such fronts like communication, expression, and mental self-balance, you’re bound for a serious ride of desiring, self-loathing, slip-ups, and guilt; regularly leaving you in more terrible and tense state than before; not able to stop, no trust in your internal strength and are totally broken…


Finally, on Friday, you should make the dedication while standing before a mirror, see yourself clearly, pity that body carrying you and make a blunt decision and let yourself know that on Friday, you won’t make use of your common practice and behaviour of eating disorder. -those Eating Disorder behaviours that are destroying your life. Yes! This dedication must be made, hence, committing yourself into it. Without your own conviction and determination, you can’t surrender addictive behaviours.




You should be willing to change your life to eat for your health improvement. Without nourishment, say nutrition, you can never recuperate from an Eating Disorder.

What to Do On Friday?






flower-bulletRead Qur’an and Sura Kahf


sura kahf


flower-bulletVisit Mosque- Pray In Congregation. 



hafez tomb praying

“O you who believe, when the Salat is announced on Friday, you shall hasten to the commemoration of God, and drop all business. This is better for you, if you only knew. Once the prayer is completed, you may spread through the land to seek God’s bounties, and continue to remember God frequently, that you may succeed.”

Surah al-Jumuah, 9-10.



Engage in Dhikr/Remembrance of Allah- Dhikr is fundamental, very crucial in changing your brain. 




Keep this Supplication on Your lips. Allah is enough for me- No amount of Eating Disorder behaviors can fill the void in Your Life, only Allah can.



Friday Hasbunala


flower-bulletVisit the sick and the helpless and exchange pleasantries with other people.

Eating Disorder confines you from others, in light of the fact that the normal kindred individual wouldn’t like to associate with somebody whose feelings are unusual or unpredictable. Being detached or isolated as a consequence of the Eating Disorder is not beneficial, in fact, it is killing. By setting off to the mosque, you easily break free from the lone limits and by blending with other individuals, you are less inclined to enjoy your eating disorder behaviour.



flower-bulletTake Care of Your Body

Jumma Acts


flower-bulletOffer Gratitude

blog - blessings


flower-bulletMake Lots of Dua


blessings of friday


Give Charity






Do Astaghfar- Expiation from Sins



Finally Exercise Self Love, Compassion and Kindness to your self. When you don’t like or love yourself, much less respect yourself, you will always remain stuck in the cycle of Eating Disorder, resulting in your life being consumed by anger, frustration and depression.

What Recovery is possible without self Love, without accepting the unique being you are? You were created with great attributes-


Sure! No recovery.


blessed friday






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