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My journey began with one child and before I knew I was a blessed mother of 17 orphans, desperate for love and care.

Especially blessed by Allah (S.w.T.) are those who protect the orphans and take the responsibility of being guardians to them.



Dear Readers,


I present to you weekly pearls of wisdom from a mother of 17 Orphans. She lives to serve the Orphans of Istanbul, especially the neglected abandoned souls from war-torn Syria.  I had a privileged opportunity to meet her last year.  She is the very epitome of charity and of the total gift of self to others.  Turkey, now home to largest Syrian refuges is home to orphaned and vulnerable children. But here in Turkey, you struggle to find the institute responding to the emergency orphan crisis.  In such time of need, we find people like this great lady who rise up and serve the humanity selflessly. I hope you’ll find as much wisdom in these pearls as many of us have.


About Mother of 17 Orphans


My journey began with one child and before I knew I was a blessed mother of 17 orphans, desperate for love and care.

Inspiring Lady- Mother of 17 Orphans

Born and raised in outer skirts of Istanbul. Mother of 17 Orphans went through a magical transition in her mid-twenties. All her life she was in search of knowledge and wanted to learn Arabic. Despite harsh opposition from her family, she never gave up and continued with her journey of learning in Turkey and Middle East.

traveled far

When Syrian war broke out, when genocide became grave and victims of mass murder flew to Turkey, she gave up everything, her family, her comfortable life and became mother to 17 abandoned and orphan babies. Orphans.  In Istanbul she introduced me to her children. You can read all about it here. There’s no need to say anything else except she has taught me and others some very valuable lessons in life. In many ways she’s shaped us and has given us the courage to really defeat the demon of eating disorder and to do what we are supposed to do, serve and serve selflessly.


Pearls of Wisdom- Falling in Ocean of Love


Kindness towards Orphans is kindness towards Faith 

Caring for Orphans reflects the heart of one’s faith, the love for Allah and His Prophets.


Kindness towards Orphans is Kindness towards faith

I studied the Prophet (pbuh) and I was in awe of how much he loved children.


I see these children and I remember the words of the Messenger;

The Holy Prophet (S) says:

“I and one who maintains an orphan would be together in Paradise in the presence of Allah, in the same way as these two fingers are together.”

And he pointed out to his index and the middle finger joined together.

According to a tradition, The Holy Prophet (S) and one who maintains an orphan, will not be separated nor would there be any barrier between them in Paradise.


Loving Orphans increases you in Love for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The more you are in company of these blessed  souls, the deeper you fall in love of ocean.  Being with these souls teaches you much about sanctity of everyday life.





Illuminating Your Heart


Fall in love with an Orphan and experience the strength and peace that God will give. You’ll see your heart expanding and a bright light will illuminate your inner being.




We all Have a Choice and We all Have a Duty


We are not victims of our circumstances. We have the power to heal the humanity. Human touch and compassion is important. When I visit these Orphans, when I hold them in my arms, our pain disappears.  They help me as much as I help them. They tell me to pray for them. I learnt you should always Pray and work for what you want in life from seeking knowledge to loving someone . Prayer has the infinite healing power.




 The Prophet (S) has also stated:

“If anyone from you becomes the guardian of an orphan and deals kindly with them, and he fulfills these actions satisfactorily, and he strokes the head of the orphan with sympathy, then Allah necessarily writes good deeds equivalent to the hair covered by his hand and forgives sins equal to the number of hair, and raises his position in grades equal to the hair of the orphan’s head.”

Experience the Light

A child is a light of God. When you see an orphan please do love them unconditionally and treat them individually. Every child is unique with unique attributes of God.





These Angels are my Learning Institute

I want to possess their faith: that is, a pure, unassuming, and humble faith.

My learning comes from these children. They tell me to abandon my ego, abandon what is comfortable and become a child.






Caring and Loving for Orphans, brings you closer to reality of Mercy of Rahman- Allah.  Angels smile when one opens heart and home in unconditional affection to the child that has no claim upon them but love.

You Learn God is who He says He is

These beautiful victims of viciousness have childlike faith which we adults don’t have. In their company one develops a childlike faith that allows us to believe that God is who He says He is, Raheem. You come to learn, like children who rely on their parents’ provision for daily needs, we should humbly depend on our Allah for provision in both the spiritual and physical realm.


 Little angels


The Holy Prophet (S) has been reported to have said:

“When an orphan cries the Heaven shudders, then Almighty Allah says, ‘O Angels, Is this the same orphan whose father has been buried in the earth?’ The Angels reply, ‘(O Allah) you are the all-knowing.’

Then Allah would say, ‘O My Angel be a witness. Whoever consoles this orphan and makes him happy, I will make him happy on the day of Qiyāma.’”






Can you See How a Child a Thrives in Love?


Thrives in Love



Loving an Orphan You Become Notorious- 

When you love an orphan it allows us to receive God’s gift of salvation without pretension or hypocrisy.In their love, you’ll walk for miles, you’ll go hungry and you’ll sleep on hard floor. These children taught me to sleep on floors, on broken beds but with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.



Angels on Earth

Notorious broken Love




This is a love without condition. I’ve seen how the child changes when you give them love. This little boy is fatherless. I take him out. He never complains and always smiles gently. His widow mother always cries, “Why is he always smiling”, “what is there to smile about”?


He’s learning Turkish and I am improving my Arabic in his presence. We complete each other.

Mother of 17 Smiling Boy


How can you refuse this plea? How can you think


Their parents left the world with a last request on their lips, “ Oh people of the world, please take care of our children”. 



little baby




How Can you Not Love these Children?

IMG-20160609-WA0004 IMG-20160518-WA0002_1

She  says;  “How can we not love these children? Our Prophet Muhammad (saaw) was an orphan.  My heart breaks for these children, some of them are too young to know the calamity that has befallen them.”


She said, “I look at new Orphanage in Fatih area in Istanbul in awe- it’s in response to a growing demand to provide a loving home for children who have either been abandoned, orphaned, enslaved, malnourished, or are in need of ongoing medical care. Please pray for Children of Light. All I dream is these children are provided with nutritious meals, new clothes and consistent health care.”



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Islam and Eating Disorders founded in 2012 – run by Maha Khan, the blog creates awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world, offers information and support for sufferers and their loved ones.


  1. Wow, she is definitely an Angel!! It seems she receives as much from the children as she gives…they each fulfill the other!! What an amazing story…thanks for sharing!!

    • Your welcome Deb. Yea she is. She really loves them and they love her more. I am truly grateful to you for your comment. Bless you. This quotes and gratitude posts. Encouragement came from you. Thank you for inspiration. Blessed be

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  2. ma sha Allah great effort. You are truly depicting the happenings of Syrian people. This article has helped us know the sufferings of these children. Really worried about them. May Allah bring peace in their country so that they return to their homes. Sister laila is playing a very important role. May Allah reward her for her sacrifice. My prayers go for you and sister laila.

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