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I walk into her bedroom. She’s breathing Alhamdulilah. I put Nabeez on the side table. She’s deep in sleep. I kiss her forehead. Her veins are prominent. Her skin clammy. 

Wake Up My Angel, here’s a drink to heal your mind, soul and body. It’s from Madina.

I close her door.

Outside I slide to the floor. I’m losing the battle. We are all losing the battle.

Several hours later, I enter her bedroom. She’s sitting on the bed. Glass is empty. A brilliant spark in here eyes. I want to cry in joy. She smiles at me. ‘Mama thank you for delicious drink, I finished it.’

And tears of joy run down my cheeks shamelessly.

My Daughter’s Anorexia


Dear Readers,


Please find below a healing recipe from the Kitchen of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This recipe was bought to my attention by Saudi Poetess Ni’mah Ismail Nawwab. One of the highly highly recommended drinks in recovery from Eating Disorders.


In our recovery we are inspired by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).




10th May 2016- shared on face book by Zainab Ismail, Vice President Nadoona.




Zainab Ismail

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. ~ Khalil Gibran.

Alhamdulillah started the day with the Prophetic ﷺ drink Nabeez (Nabidh) because our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) loved it.

Nabeez (Nabidh) was one of the drinks consumed by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In his time, it was typically made with dates (Ajwa preferred) or raisins and water. The drink is used widely in Prophetic medicine (Tibb an Nabawi).

Drinking Nabeez (Nabidh) during Shaban is a way to irrigate the seeds planted in Rajab. It’s an excellent choice to have for suhoor (pre-dawn meal).

It is an alkalizing tonic, having the tendency to remove acidity from the stomach and digestive system and it also helps to remove other metabolic wastes from the body.

It improves digestion as it’s high in soluble fiber and it strengthens the memory. Nabeez assists with several organs function, spleen, liver, throat, chest and prostate, and so is particularly useful for men.

When embraced and honored as one of the great Sunnahs of The Prophet ﷺ, it pulls down healing (Shifa), blessings and mercy from the treasures of Allah.

Recipe & Steps:
1. 7 Ajwa dates (60 grams fresh from Madinah).
2. 6-8 oz water (can be more)
3. 4oz Zam Zam or regular water

zamzam water ajwa


1. After Isha take 7 Ajwa dates place in 8-12 ounces water.
2. Let soak overnight at room temperature.
3. After Fajr remove dates from the water (set them aside).
4. Drink the date water (amazing).
5. Eat the 7 ajwa dates (as a healing and protection for evil that day).
6. Another option is put ingredients in the blender making a frothy smoothie.


The drink is very energizing, satisfying, and improves mental clarity first thing in the morning.


*Important Note*

Nabeez must never be left soaking for more than 2-3 days. Otherwise, it will start to ferment, which is the start of the alcohol brewing process.

Ibn ‘Abbas reported that Nabidh was prepared for Allah’s Messenger ﷺ in the beginning of the night, and he would drink it in the morning and the following night and the following day and the night after that up to the afternoon. If anything was left out of that, he gave it to his servant or gave orders for it to be poured out.

(Sahih Muslim)




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