Eating Disorders and Protecting Our Teeth- Interview with Famous Ramiel Nagel


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Eating disorders are very complicated. Part of it has to do with not accepting one’s body. Another has to do perhaps with not accepting one’s God given body. When one eats, the body receives nourishment, vitality and health. When one does not eat, the body starves.
Ramiel Nagel
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Please accept my sincerest apologies on such a delay in posting this interview. This should have been on blog last year, but I completely forgot about it.  Last year I attended a seminar in Westminster London. I was on a quest to find a solution to teeth problems.  I receive so many emails on teeth. This is the fourth most popular topic on blog. People who’ve suffered from Eating Disorders for a long time have caused a real extensive and at times irreversible damage to their teeth. Sadly, I am one of those people.  I really struggled to come to terms with the fact we need to have bone broth, ghee butter and full fat products in our diet if we want to heal our gums and reverse the damage caused by Eating Disorders .  With Eating Disorders How can You allow Food to Become Thy Medicine? One of the greatest fears people have is full fat foods, how can I convince someone to start incorporating ghee butter, chicken soup, bone broth, oysters in their diet?
Eating 1 tablespoon or more of high quality butter per day. Without this substance, the body does not have activating “messages” to the hormonal system to build healthy teeth and bones. In India, ghee from a cow or buffalo is considered a sacred food for pregnancy, breastfeeding and growing children. It is precisely this activator X component that assures bright white healthy teeth.

According to Dr. Bieler .

“As a practicing physician for over fifty years, I have reached three basic conclusion as to the cause and cure of disease..”

1. “[D]isease is caused by a toxemia…”
2. “[I]n almost all cases the use of drugs in treating patients is
3. “[D]isease can be cured through the proper use of correct

(Source: Food is Your Best Medicine, pg. 1 )

I put few questions forward to Rameil Nagel and he very graciously answered.

Interview With Ramiel Nagel: Eating Disorders and Our Teeth

About Dental Health Advocate Ramiel Nagel, the Author of “Cure Tooth Decay.”

Ramiel NagelAt the age of one, my daughter began suffering from tooth decay. At the same time, my teeth were also infected with up to four cavities. I know what it is like to feel stress from tooth decay because I have experienced it first hand. Worse than the stress of my own cavities, were my young daughter’s rapidly decaying teeth about which I felt powerless.


Maha Khan (MK): Eating disorders e.g. anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder affect oral health. Common oral problems caused by eating disorders include acid erosion of the surface of the teeth, dry mouth also known as xerostomia and tooth decay also known as caries. People with Bulimia experience the most damage to their teeth as a result of frequent vomiting. Vomit contains stomach or gastric acid, which is highly erosive and in frequent contact with the teeth that wears the enamel surface away. Can we treat teeth that have been damaged by years of anorexia/bulimia nervosa? What do you recommend?
Ramiel Nagel (RN): The teeth can be made harder and not sensitive. that way most or all should not require any fillings. This is with a change in diet. Teeth won’t grow back.
MK:  I still struggle and often go into panic thinking that damage will never be reversed.
RN: It depends how you define reversed and how bad the damage is?
MK: People who are refusing to eat or refusing to give up binge purge behaviors, what do you recommend for them? What can they do they to protect their teeth if they refuse to go down the nutrition path?
RN: Besides rinsing the mouth with water, there is little to do. Tooth decay is caused by a deficiency of nutrients. So if someone is not digesting enough food, then they will experience this deficiency. One should look into the emotional conditions behind this illness.
MK: In Muslim World, we really value the use of Miswak, It was used by the Prophet of Islam, please tell us how effective is Miswak in maintaining our oral health?
RN: The miswak is very effective and is a great natural way to brush and clean the teeth. In the west we can only get the sticks that have been saved in preservative. Fresh sticks will be ideal.
MK:  In Pakistan, we used to use Milk which was fresh from the cows goats, buffalos and meat that was also organic fresh, we also used fresh water fish and at times wild fish. Yogurt was made fresh every day and butter/ghee as well.  Now we have changed, for example in small village shops, we have Nestle Milk Packs, we are using french butter/margarine, we use Olpers Milk.  We have meat which is being sold in Packages now. Argument is that Nestle Milk, packaged milk has a long-life and is pure and disinfected, same argument applies to meat that it’s free from preservatives and free from infections and etc. Should our society rebel against such change against these mulch-national companies? As a result of these products, dental problems in Middle East have increased and in cities of Asia. Obesity diabetes plague these countries.
RN: Obesity seems to be mostly caused by high fructose corn syrup. Yes, absolutely people should rebel from these foods. The food sanitation argument, the one that says industrial process food is safer than indigenous / traditional food is very weak. As seen in the pictures from Weston Price, the industrial food causes disease. The traditional food not only tastes better, but supports the local economy. If people stop buying the fresh local milk and meat, as what has happened in the U.S., then the farmers go out of business and the money just feeds corporate profits, meanwhile people get sick.
Eating disorders are very complicated. Part of it has to do with not accepting one’s body. Another has to do perhaps with not accepting one’s God given body. When one eats, the body receives nourishment, vitality and health. When one does not eat, the body starves.
Ramiel Nagel
MK: Nigel You  make us value our ancestor and their ways, our 1000 year old customs and traditions.
RN: Yes, it is important to value the good things about our ancestor’s and not throw them away. Their way of eating food and being healthy and living in connection with the land is far more advanced than how we live today.
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