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Dear Readers,

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the Syrian Winter Campaign. Your donations have reached the internally Displaced People Inside Syria and We pray it’s made their winter period a bit easy, bit more tolerable. I request all of you to help as much as you can. The situation inside Syria is deteriorating and I don’t know how to talk about the plight of Syrian Refugees who’ve managed to flee Syria to different countries across the world. At the time of writing this post, I’m in Islamabad and visiting various areas in Pakistan has made me appreciate the blessings we’ve in Pakistan.

Please let’s live the life of gratitude and thank god for what we have.

This Campaign forms part of Step 12 to Eating Disorder Recovery: Service.

We all know about the horrors of war, plight of Syrians and small babies freezing to death in the camps. Last year we were in Istanbul where we delivered winter aid packages to Syrian Orphans.

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After seeing the plight of Syrian Refugees living in Istanbul and meeting Syrian Orphans and their families, we decided to collect funds, winter clothes and blankets to help the Syrians through the bitter winter. To read about Istanbul Click Here. Our second trip was to Gazientip.


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I apologise for not posting about that trip. It was a trip of great challenge and this is not a place to speak about such experience. But I would like to say this much, if my first trip opened me to the reality of Orphans of Syria; my second trip to Turkey exposed me to the raw horrors of war, teenage mothers, and several untold stories of disability. Request of prayers for peace in our world.


Syrian Winter Aid Campaign


For: Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Syria

Organized by: Mzahem Ali

Please find below the campaign report.


  • Donors:
Donor name Amount – $
Donor 1 300
                     Donor 2 3750
War Against Eating Disorder 1490
Donor 4 435
Donor 5 1626
Total 7601



  • Change USD to S.P.:

7601 $ * 382 S.P. = 2,903,582.


  • Costs:
The Item Amount – S.P.
24 Furnaces 312,000
Furnaces transfer 22,000
375 Diesel L/Day80 SYP = 1 L – For 81 Days 2,430,000
Diesel transfer cost 140,000
Total 2,904,000


Since the start of our winterization campaign for internally displaced families in Northern Syria in Feb 2014, we have reached part of our funding goal and are extremely grateful to everyone for helping us get this far as the winter season rapidly settles in.


We would like to keep you informed of the following updates:


Our campaign experienced an initial setback as changes in the internal regional situation brought about new restrictions to cross-border operations, including for humanitarian purposes. Around mid-November when the campaign was scheduled to start, the Turkish-Syrian border all but closed. This unexpected development unfortunately meant that were the campaign leader Mozahem to travel to Syria to make the donation deliveries in person, his ability to return to Turkey and his work engagements here would have been seriously compromised. After attempting five times to gain an exceptional official authorization to enter Syria, and after one of the team members was injured by sniper fire during an unofficial tentative to cross, it became clear that an alternative solution had to be sought. Aware that your confidence in Mozahem’s personal overseeing of the campaign in Tel Abyad was an important factor in your support for the campaign, we sincerely apologize for the change of circumstances and would like to offer our reassurance that the campaign has nonetheless been able to go ahead and progress been more than satisfactory.


In December, $7,601 were transferred to trusted campaign members inside Syria who are supervising the procurement of supplies and their distribution. Twenty-four furnaces have so far been purchased at 13,000 Syrian Pounds (SYP) each, totaling 312,000 SYP. Also the transfer of the furnaces it is cost 22,000 SYP.

IMG-20151219-WA0001 IMG-20151219-WA0002 IMG-20151219-WA0003 IMG-20151219-WA0007

As every home accommodates three to four families at a time, 75 to 80 families have been benefiting from heated homes when outside temperatures are dropping to zero. Daily, they are given 5 liters of heating oil to run the furnaces, which reaches 375 liters/day


Please Watch The Video Below


With the cost per liter being 80 SYP, 30,000 SYP have been spent on the heating oil. By buying the heating oil in Tel Abyad itself, where less expensive prices are found due to the Kurdish control of oil fields, we have been able to significantly cut costs as well as avoid purchasing ISIS-sourced oil present in Aleppo. The diesel we have for every 81 days. equal to 2,430,000 syrian pounds.

Every five to six days, the fuel is transferred in tanks from Tel Abyad to the village where the families are located. Every transfer costs 10,000 SYP, and hence 140,000 SYP has been budgeted for this transport cost.


Finally, the campaign has acquired blankets free-of-charge for the families, eliminating this cost from the overall funds.


We are resolved to continue the campaign until the end of winter season in March 2016, and are now seeking to expand our donations to provide much needed foodstuffs such as rice, flour and cooking oil to these displaced families. Our campaign has undergone a few challenges, but thanks to your support and our determination we have already been making a real difference in the lives of people at the heart of one of the world’s most protracted and strenuous conflicts.

With deep gratitude for your ongoing faith in us, which means a lot to us Syrians on both sides of the border, we look forward to continuing our work together.



If you want to help, then please get in touch:


If you can then please do support our new campaign to help the Syrian Orphan Family in Istanbul Help The Bound Souls


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