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Dear Readers,

I’ve been asked many questions on choosing a complimentary therapist. If you are considering using complimentary therapies, following suggestions may help you:


Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedAlways use a qualified therapist who belongs to a professional body.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedCheck the cost of treatment beforehand to make sure you are being fairly charged. Some therapies can be very expensive, but many complimentary therapies are provided free of charge by the NHS, and some meditation or relaxation organizations provide free sessions. Many Yoga classes are reasonably charged.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedAsk the organization what level of qualification and training practitioners must have before they are allowed to register.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedAsk the practitioner how many years of training they’ve had and how long they’ve been practicing.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedAsk if they have indemnity insurance.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedCheck if the organization has a code of practice and ethics, and also a disciplinary and complaints procedure.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedTalk it over with your doctor or treatment team and ask for their advice, especially if you are going to have a therapy which involves medicines.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedAsk your doctor or treatment team if there are complimentary therapies available at your treatment facility, or through your GP’s practice, or if they can recommend any therapies or practitioners.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedChoose the complimentary therapy that suites your individual needs. If you are not sure and would like to know what other patients have found helpful, contact a eating disorder support group. Some support groups often offer complimentary therapies.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondRedDon’t be misled by promises of cures. Keep your mind open.  With treatment, support, help of your doctor and complimentary therapies, you can overcome your eating disorder and live the life you deserve to live.


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