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Breaking the Brass Bars of ED in Lahore

“I thought: If I was lucky enough to live, I’d change, myself-I realized I could have a new life-new energy, new endurance, and feel better about myself.”
Larry King (After his 1987 heart attack)

Dear Readers,

On 15th December I visited Lahore to visit Pakistan’s first Eating Disorder Center, Obesity and Rainbow Eating Disorder Center. I had a privileged opportunity of speaking to center’s Chairman Dr Sohail via face time. Dr Sohail runs the center and is based in New Zealand.   There were many reasons why I wanted to visit the center, mainly many Pakistanis living abroad are struggling with the treatment cost. I’ve been exploring the numerous treatment options available abroad from In-patient programs to complimentary therapies to Homeopathic treatments. I traveled from Islamabad to Lahore and it was a beautiful scenic journey. I discovered so much about the culture and the people. Thank you to everyone including my parents for making this journey possible for me.  The center and its brilliant network of people give me hope that one day Eating Disorders will be defeated. I want to thank everyone at the Rainbow center for their kindness and hospitality. I wish you very best for the future.

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I agree with the famous adage “Lahore Lahore aye”, there’s no place like Lahore with its history, colors, vibrant people and food. It’s also a very triggering place for people who suffer from Eating Disorders. Food is cheap and readily available. People of Lahore love their food and take pride in some of their most exotic and signature culinary delights. Thank You S from Lahore for showing me your triggering places and the extent one will go through to satisfy the demon of ED. I wish you healing and lasting recovery.

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Points of Discovery

star-bullet-pointMost number of ED cases are from Karachi (Pakistan’s largest city).

star-bullet-pointThere are more number of Binge Eating Disorder cases and Bulimia cases than anorexia cases and EDNOS cases.

star-bullet-pointBody Image is a real concern.

star-bullet-pointDialectical Behavior Therapy is one of the therapies used by the center to treat Eating Disorder cases and this therapy so far has proven to be very successful.

star-bullet-pointMulti-Disciplinary approach is used to treat ED cases.

star-bullet-pointGroup Therapy has not had a great success rate. Individuals prefer one to one therapy. This is a similar case in UK with Muslim sufferers. People are unwilling to discuss their personal life, their struggles among others. perhaps this is due to a factor word will get out and confidentiality will be compromised.

star-bullet-pointThe center focuses on each case as a unique case and endeavors to provide one to one support to the sufferer from nutrition to therapy to other things.

The Center is located right opposite Fatima Memorial Hospital.


Thank you Yormi for helping me to put this post together.

LIGHT AT THE END OF LAHORE TUNNEL Breaking the Brass Bars of ED in Lahore


One of the very reasons and the spirit filled capabilities of man is finding lasting solutions to problems.

What identifies higher animals, as science puts it, is this inquisitive nature of these ‘animals’ to find solution(s) to their rebellious problems.

what are these areas which make one run the quests?

This calls for research. Research at times could be the quest for knowledge and the application therein in; these found knowledge probably are termed as so called as they may/don’t not find lasting solutions to these problems.

Of these problems are Eating Disorders.

For what purpose? (Of course, the basis of the solutions).

It has come to my knowing, as a result of my findings to the question of what man’s greatest challenge is. It is simple – man’s existence, favourably called, life. How to live comfortably and ED free

How does he keep life going? Knowing that he loves attention, he eats what he thinks is best for him and is not hazardous to his well-being or existence, if you like.

The same runs through the minds of every individual. When one finds a solution, he yearns to share it. The other individuals longs for it, thereby, doing all within his capability to get it, no matter the price.

Do you know why? Humans love attention. They love to be recognized. They want to belong, they want to influence. They love to make the rudder of existence. So, they make the journey to get these solutions.

There is a place you need to know about in Lahore, it is Rainbow ED Centre. There, you will find lasting solutions to your Eating Disorders. There at Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre you will be offered the most comprehensive and evidence based treatment option Obesity and Eating Disorders, yes, now in Pakistan. The Centre is proud to open the 1st state of the art treatment centre in Lahore.

What you need to do is walk your way back home from your quest and you will get the solutions back at home. An African saying says; ‘what you are looking for in another man’s land is right there in your pocket, what you’ve got to do is to put your hands in your pocket and draw it out. So come home. There is a light at the end of the tunnel’.

Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre provides a novel and unique solution using multidisciplinary approach and expertise to people struggling with weight both short and long term. Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre utilizes the evidence- based system practiced in Australasia, Europe, Canada and USA. Their highly specialized experts provide medical and lifestyle solutions.

In addition to the highly specialized staff, Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre is equipped with technology and ambiance to make the recovery a reality.

Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre functions at various levels. At community level they create awareness with focus on prevention and embracing healthy life style. They also calculate free BMIs (Body Mass Index) to the masses and provide free advice. On individual level we assess provide consultations of various types including Dietary, Medical, Psychological, and Psychiatric.

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The Centre has various packages depending on every person’s need and suitability. All potential patients will be thoroughly screened and assessed before initiating the treatment.

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This implies that you have to stop looking around for help around the world if you haven’t found one.

Pakistan is a home of broad and vast treatment of Eating Disorder now thanks to its founder DR Sohail , an instrument in the hands of almighty Allah.

In conclusion you are provided with top ways in which centre can help you to break free from the cycle of ED. The centre recommends books that can help you to do that. Examples include;

Life without Ed
by Jenni Schaefer & Thom Rutledge

Talking to Eating Disorders
by Jeanne Albronda Heaton & Claudia J. Strauss

Surviving an Eating Disorder: Strategies for Families and Friends
by Michele Siegel, Judith Brisman & Margot Weinshel

Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders
by Aimee Liu

And many more…

Don’t you think we are blessed by Allah by sending Rainbow Centre to us?

This is Pakistan and here we are. We are here. I guess now that you are making your papers already, Home missed you now. Come home and be free from Eating Disorders.

We are breaking the brass bars of ED in Lahore and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel


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