Thank You Uncle Raj- Educating Children of Madrasah on Healthy Eating Habits


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What is more beautiful than seeing a smile on a child’s face? Look at the Smiles on These Children’s Faces, Look How Enthusiastically they Engaged in Workshop and Indeed their Smiles Lit up Heaven and Earth.


Dear Readers,


Few months back we launched our ‘war against eating disorders’ in Pakistan. We started off from Khyber Pakhtunawa. We hope with time and commitment we’ll be able to spread this campaign across the Pakistan.

Raj Chettri sponsored our event on 7th September 2015, in Kohat. Our aim was to educate the senior Imam of the Madrasa on symptoms of eating disorders and it’s devastating impact on one’s physical mental and spiritual health.

Thank you so much to the Imam for giving us an access to the institute, for his warmth, kindness and cooperation. Thank you for stepping in as a translator and translating to children in Pashtoo.


The inspiration to spread campaign into Madrasahs came from the Greg Barker’s movie ‘Koran by Heart’. Madrasah is a place, where children read, learn and memorise the Holy Qur’an. We believe the simple and most valuable thing you can give a child is education. Educating a child in an interactive setting and then rewarding them is the best way to get your message across. One of alternative idea for bringing  a smile to child’s face was with the gift of snacks, juice and crisps. These children come from poor families and such treats are rare.

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We don’t realize how much our way of living and our habits influence our children. Kids pick up habits too—both good and bad. The little team comprising of Ali and his friends and with the help of Imam delivered one hour interactive work to children on eating etiquette and eating responsibly.  When you eat responsibly, you take responsibility for yourself, your health and your well-being and your body thanks you for such act of kindness. We also believe Eating Disorders: prevention is worth every ounce. Poor eating habits can lead to ill health and development of eating disorder.


As this took place in Madrassa, we used Sunnah and Qur’an to deliver our message on the etiquette of eating. We talked about each bullet point and did the demonstration. Children were amused and they loved it.


 Islamic Etiquette of Eating for Good Health



IMG-20150905-WA0045 IMG-20150905-WA0034Share these nuggets of health advice with your Children and apply them in your life as well.

star-bullet-pointSpread out a cloth on the floor first before Eating.

star-bullet-pointDo not Eat standing up. Sit and eat on the Floor.

star-bullet-pointWash both hands to the wrists.

star-bullet-pointSay Bismillah before Eating.


star-bullet-pointCan you see a steam coming out of food? Wait for it cool down, do not eat very hot food.

star-bullet-pointEat with your right hand.

Eat with right hand

star-bullet-pointEat from the side that is in front of you.

star-bullet-pointEat with your first three fingers.

star-bullet-pointDo not find the fault with the food.

star-bullet-pointIf a morsel of food falls down, pick it up, clean it and eat it. Food is the blessing of allah and should not be wasted.

star-bullet-pointEat slowly- this is good for health and helps in chewing the food well and with good digestion because the food particles are cut into smaller pieces, not requiring as much churning in the stomach or intestine. (less Heartburn)

star-bullet-pointChew with your mouth closed.

star-bullet-pointDo not talk and eat.

star-bullet-pointShare your meal.

star-bullet-pointEat together.


star-bullet-pointDo not overeat.

star-bullet-pointRecite dua after eating.

star-bullet-pointLick your fingers after finishing the meal.

star-bullet-pointAfter meal wash both hands.

star-bullet-pointClean the plate and utensils thoroughly after eating. By doing this utensils make dua for one’s forgiveness.

star-bullet-pointThank Allah for the blessed meal.

Islamic eating

Our Sponsor

Community Helper Surrey’s Hidden Gem Uncle Raj Chettri

Mr Chettri

Without a doubt, Raj Chettri is a pillar of strength, unity and hope for the County of Surrey. He is a retired-psychiatric nurse. Raj is a Nepalese. His  great ancestors centuries ago came from  the West Asia.  Raj feels a connection to the area of the campaign, Khyber Pakhtuawa as his his late mother was in Quetta in 1940s.

He’s a selfless campaigner for mental health. He’s been serving the county of Surrey all his life.

Raj volunteers with The Alzheimers Society, SMEF,  Amnesty International, Woking Hospice and NAC. In 2013, Raj was presented with the Working Together Across Communities Award at the Surrey Inspiration Awards. The award is given to a person or group who has worked to improve the quality of life in a neighbourhood and encourages cohesive communities by bringing different groups cultures and faiths together.

Raj is also a gifted poet and an avid reader. I’m ever so grateful to him for his kindness, for being my pillar of strength to roll out this campaign in remote areas of Pakistan. If it wasn’t for you Raj, these children wouldn’t have had a happy learning evening.

Children prayed for speedy recovery of all those that suffer from Eating Disorders and for Uncle Raj’s health, well-being and happiness.


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After the success of this workshop and seeing the priceless smiles on faces of children, we’ll be visiting orphanages and more Madrasahs in future. Your kind prayers are needed.


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