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This was sent to me by a reader in Vancouver. This is a great resource and a great tool in your recovery from Bulimia. This is the first time I’m coming across such work. It’s written by Kathy Welter & Harry Nichols. It lays out the ten challenges over the 90 days with tips, techniques, MP3s and self help suggestions to help user break free of bulimia!

“Chasing Hunger” By Kathy Welter Nichols- It includes eating plans, supplements suggestions, exercise & relaxation response considerations and most importantly, provides techniques to interrupt the addictive behaviors. Welter- Nichols discovered that bulimia is like an addiction. It is something that people affected by the illness cannot stop doing, constantly causing harm to their body, mind and soul. She offers materials that she provided her clients to remain bulimia free and maintain their recovery. “Chasing Hunger” utilizes techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The book provides tools, tips and techniques to support recovery from bulimia.

The Challenges:

Challenge 1: Eating again – Sugar Awareness

Challenge 2: Food is fuel, food is just fuel

Challenge 3: The 80/20 approach – Balance & moderation,
The sugar connection

Challenge 4: Shopping from a list – taking control of what you buy

Challenge 5: Mindful and slowing the pace

Challenge 6: Re-feeding the body, healing the mind

Challenge 7: Flexibility, options, flow, intimacy & mindfulness

Challenge 8: Chasing hunger for the last time: Forgiveness

Challenge 9: Gratitude and thankfulness – My wellness path



Please read the article below taken from waysofthewisewomen.com for further information.


CHASING HUNGER – 90 day bulimia breakthrough challenge, by author Kathy Welter-Nichols

Dramatically Reduce this addiction in your life, in just 90 days take the challenge, what have you to lose?

Discover how the answer was right there in our recent history all along!

Dispel the myth of recovery from bulimia today and finally read how this is a lot easier than you have been lead to believe.

This new book by authors Kathy Welter & Harry Nichols, lay out the ten challenges that will take you through the 90 days with tips, techniques, MP3s and self help suggestions!


• The book holds all the keys, simple, easy to use, and takes you in the direction of recovery!
• Programs for professionals to add to their training and help their clients recover
• Distance Coaching options for clients and professionals

A brief history of research into the effects of malnutrition and bulimia is found there right before our eyes in history.

In 1944 a famous physiologist Ancel Keys conducted a large study that proved every single behavior we associate with bulimia nervosa can be accounted for by a restrictive diet. The results showed that “many of the symptoms that might have been thought to be specific to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are actually the results of starvation (pirke & ploog, 1987).”

Simply put, research has shown that a restrictive diet can lead to every single symptom of bulimia.

How does a restrictive diet induce every symptom of bulimia?

It’s a little known FACT but for the vast majority of bulimics their eating disorder has nothing to do with their past, upbringing or genetics. They simply went on a restrictive diet which spiraled into the dark world of an eating disorder and they had no effective strategy to stop restricting! Soon the restricting became an addiction as it augmented the brain into new patterns of behavior that often appeared as depression, OCD patterns of behavior, withdrawing from family and friends, emotional drama and the inability to manage their own thoughts…all sound familiar?

 The Problems Start with Restricting:

“Getting rid of dieting could wipe out at least 70% of eating disorders. Get rid of dieting!”
Dr Adrienne Key (Royal College of Psychiatrists).

Step 1: You decide to diet, for whatever reason, however there is no clear exit strategy to stop the diet. Only the start of the diet is considered!

People notice the weight loss, you feel good about that, but you don’t tell them how you are doing this. You strive for more comments, being noticed is fun…and in no time at all you start comparing  yourself to others that are thinner. If you just ate a little less,  you could be as thin as she is. People now notice you are becoming ill looking with the weight loss and they comment even more, but you take that to be “noticing” and you like it. Secretly you think they all envy you and a part of you feels superior, even though you know you are cheating and you are starting to damage yourself.

A restrictive diet deprives your body of essential nutrients and this leads to side-effects such as Intense binge urges & cravings for foods rich in sugar and fats

An insatiable appetite & food obsession – you can never stop thinking about food, because you are forcing the body into starvation

Psychological problems such anxiety and depression follow as the brain becomes depleted of necessary nutrients to function. Other physical functions are also compromised, adrenal response, increasing anxiety, tension, emotions are stunted, loss of memory, monthly cycles, and loss of calcium and magnesium. Liver function and bowel function is depleted and malfunctioning.

Step 2: This leads to binging

The urge to binge is much stronger than your willpower to resist because the body is starving and when the restrictions are released it can’t stop eating

Step 3: Which leads to purging

Panic and a fear of gaining weight from the continual binging leads you to try out purging. This could be self-induced vomiting, laxatives, diet pills or further food restriction .

Step 4: Which leads to bulimia

Purging, restricting and not eating enough food keeps you in a permanent malnourished state. This makes the binge urge stronger. This leads to more binging, and therefore more purging. You are now trapped in the binge/purge cycle of bulimia nervosa.


 Does Having Bulimia Mean That I have a mental disorder?

This is the myth of Bulimia and it gets a bad rap from everywhere these days, because people are not looking at this through the right lens. In my view, bulimia as challenging as it has been for you, it’s really saving your life. Bulimia is not the bad guy here, and unfortunately it’s been labeled that. Bulimia is an addiction. Parents, therapists and even yourself struggle with this behavior not understanding the addictive component that is triggered in the brain through the reward/restricting behavior that anchors this in the brain.

Just like Pavlov’s dog, when you make yourself wait for something, and continue to increase the wait time by restricting, then when you let go and eat, the reward systems of the brain flood the system with dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and the feel good cocktail mingles with the insulin increase that happened as a result of the massive binge.

Now the body free floats for about 40-45 minutes following the purge in a bath of internal chemicals. However, once these are reabsorbed, the body falls into a depressed state. Pushing your internal pharmacy this way several times a day, also begins to make serious changes in the brain and body. Your body knows what’s happening and because there is too much of these chemicals flooding the system, it panics and slows down production.

In addition you are losing serotonin out of the body as up to 75% of serotonin production can be found in the saliva glands, and you are vomiting this out with every purge.

Another real fear for bulimic behaviors is the loss of potassium. Depleting potassium levels in this way can kill you.

As the brain continues to be redirected in this manner, emotional and psychological problems begin as coping mechanisms: obsessive and compulsive behavior, distorted body image, depression, anxiety, general moodiness and poor motivation All of these disorders reverse almost instantly as the body and brain recover from these behaviors.

In this second scenario, natural HUNGER is followed by the anticipation of the next meal. For “normal” eaters, this is a period of excitement when they think about what foods they crave. When they EAT, it is with pleasure and enjoyment, leading to comfort and feelings of satisfaction and nourishment. Instead of the turmoil of the bulimic. The person that eats for fuel, their physical and emotional hungers are fulfilled elsewhere, and they feel energized eating normally and ready to get on with their lives until they feel hungry again.

Keep in mind that your body needs a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, and minerals. If you have been purging or restricting for any period of time, both your body and your brain are probably starving for nutrients. You might not be able to think as clearly, respond as positively, or make as good decisions as you would if you were eating healthy food. This is why you must satisfy physical hungers by eating regular meals and snacks so you will be better able to incorporate the insights of recovery into everyday life.

The Unusual Story Of Bulimia Breakthrough Method™…and how it all began

In 2002 after meeting with my first clients I felt shocked, confused and concerned. I heard stories of experiences women had had trying to overcome bulimia and I knew it was a huge challenge for them. I attended several world conferences on Eating Disorders and did extensive research on the disorder.

But real help was impossible to find. Everywhere I turned people had been treating these clients as though they were mentally ill and told them recovery would be a “life-long battle.” Some clients had experienced Electric Shock Therapy. I started really digging into the illusive world of Eating Disorders, and with NLP to help me, modeled people that had recovered from the disordered behavior – some of them – on their own. I also discovered many of these people had had addictions like smoking or drinking, and just stopped that on their own too. I knew they had this inner on/off switch that when applied to this problem, they would walk away forever from bulimia too.

I uncovered the secret they don’t want anyone to know, and that is there is an addictive high after the purge that levels out the feelings of depression and low self-worth and they were triggering that every time they used bulimia. I also discovered the key to this whole issue is the food. Looking back at the prison camps in WWII Germany I suddenly saw how just hand full of guards and a few dogs could contain millions of people behind wooden fences for years. They starved them. Starvation triggers strange behavior in all of us.

During my teens I’d been taking care of my mother who had Diabetes and pancreatic cancer. Measuring the proteins, insulin and matching this with food, I remembered how we balanced the blood sugars easily when she ate six small meals a day. Putting my clients on the Glycemic Index Eating Plan, protein in every meal, and teaching them the portion sizes right for them, their weight returned to their proper “normal” range, and in addition, their mind healed almost instantly from the cravings and food binges.

This knowledge became the foundation of the Bulimia Breakthrough Method and my clients quickly made a full recovery. Inspired by its success, I decided to share the program with the world and especially with colleagues that are NLP and Hypnosis trained. While food is the essential recovery tool for Bulimia, healing the mind and recovering from the depression, and obsessive thinking is facilitated quickly.

Since then I am delighted to say the Bulimia Breakthrough Method™ has helped 1000’s of people with Bulimia

People from all over the world have taken the three day intervention with me here in Canada, or in some cases I’ve traveled to other countries and worked with clients there. Professionals in NLP & Hypnosis from around the world have recommended my program to their own clients

It’s exciting times for you, if you suffer from bulimia. In a very short time, bulimia is going to lose the dark secrecy and people are going to know the truth about bulimia.

It’s an addiction and once started it needs new strategies to stop, not talking, not therapy, not years to recover either.
I created the Chasing Hunger: 90 Day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge, because this gives you the time and the support in one small book, with online support, to keep you on your path, with tools to help you if you stray, easy and effortless, your recovery is just 90 days away.

It’s simple and makes so much sense.

This is clear, simple and precise
I have new strategies to help me stay the course
The Challenge has all the tools and concepts to help me and if  I slip I know just what to do to get back on track. No you don’t have to gain weight

Rediscovered spontaneity and  freedom.

Have the energy to do things
I have control around food. I eat when I feel like it and  only until I am comfortable.

This is only three months, but it can be the best three months of your life

Phase 1: Re-balance your body

Phase 2: Diffuse thoughts & emotions

Phase 3: Enlist your own inner resources and trust yourself again


Chasing Hunger, the 90 day challenge  by authors Kathy Welter & Harry Nichols creators of the Bulimia Breakthrough Method

simple and easy for you to understand and follow

You are guided step-by-step along the way so you always know what to expect and what to do next.

You learn new tools, techniques and simple skills to help you help yourself.

Deep Trance Hypnosis;

This is the key that people from around the world have been raving about, feel more calm and grounded. It becomes a daily reward of relaxation

The Ten challenges:

Inspirational MP3’s created for you

Private & Confidential as  you do this for yourself!

Easy to follow as we break recovery down into simple steps that anyone can follow.

Frequently feared and not very often asked questions:

Will my weight spiral out of control in recovery? (you don’t ask because you fear this so much you don’t even want to put it into words)

Definitely not. Many people with bulimia are already under the normal weight range to ensure they control any gains. This is not the weight they would be if they didn’t have bulimia.. For others bulimia causes weight gain, so people find they are heavier than their pre-bulimia weight (Garner et al. 1985, p. 539). Under these circumstances people generally lose weight and maintain their lower weight following recovery.

Weight gains and fear of weight gains are from the anxiety ridden thoughts, because you know if you eat as much as you do binging, and don’t purge you would gain weight. But you will not be eating that much food, ever again. A protein rich diet, with fully understanding the food itself, you will have all the tools at your finger tips.

How will I know when I am recovered?

Put simply, you will know when you are recovered from bulimia because you will no longer crave or desire to binge on food.

How long does recovery take?

Interrupting the addictive component can be done in the three day intervention, however, it takes around 6 months for the binge urges to disappear  fully and a further 6 months to for the body to rebuild and the bloating in the tummy to disappear completely…. Many feel as though they are fully recovered around the 12-18 month mark. If this feels like a long time, please do not feel disheartened as you will start to notice the benefits of recovery almost immediately.
Self Help to ensure your recovery Track 1 – 35:24 mins. Track 2 – 54:54 mins.
Digitally delivered to you instantly
Created by Kathy Welter-Nichols, CHt., NLP Licensed trainer & DHE Specialist
Continuing to support your changes while recovering from Bulimia, Self – Help and guided visualizations ensure recovery for clients around the world.
Kathy recommends clients use these two recordings before treatment and then after as well.

NLP & Hypnotherapy powerfully assist in creating new beneficial language patterns that continue to support you long after the addictive behavior has gone.

This recording supports women that have undergone Kathy’s three day intervention and are part of the program structure. Kathy also sends it out to clients before they begin treatment to ensure recovery.

The great benefits of these recordings

• Adjusting the inner structure of thought in alignment with the recovery goals
• Alleviating much of the associated depression  increasing deeper sleep
• Relaxing anxiety, stress, fear and panic while improving the sleep quality

Helping you achieve the outcome you most want

MP3 recordings are easy to download and use, and Kathy recommends you use them daily. There are two, one much shorter than the other and offer two choices daily. The shorter MP3 is designed specifically for those moments when you are uncertain, unsure, a little uneasy about the event or gathering you are about to attend. And it’s a great choice “instead of” choosing old behaviors, just relax and tune into this wonderful recording instead!

‘Overcome Bulimia’

– is comprised of two full length self-hypnosis tracks, available as a double CD or as a set of two MP3 downloads
These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.


The Bulimia Breakthrough Method

(Instant Digital Delivery)
Order today and start your recovery
A step-by-step bulimia recovery program
A suite of interactive recovery tools
24/7 support from our online community

Chasing Hunger: The 90 Day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge, you can do at home! This book holds all the resources for you!



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