Super Star Foods that Help and Soothe in Eating Disorder Recovery


Super Star Foods that Help and  Soothe in Eating Disorder Recovery

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All recovery from Eating Disorder starts with good nutrition.

P.s. Please take out a minute to read the information below. It can really make a difference in your recovery. Thank you.

Eating and drinking a balanced diet plays an important part in Eating Disorder treatment. In recovery we have to be very careful with what we eat and how much we eat. The aim is to bring balance back to your body and to replenish the levels in your brain.  Foods that are devoid of nutritional values will further worsen the condition of person going through the stages of refeeding and recovery. So tread carefully.   A good diet can help your body to

  • Cope with stress of Eating Disorder treatment
  • Recover and heal faster
  • Fight off infections
  • Feel stronger, healthier and have more energy

“The sort of food you eat can either help to instill a sense of calmness and balance, or make you feel even more anxious at sea.” Amanda Cochrane

What has helped me in my recovery is these foods. I remember the first time I incorporated Salmon, almonds and Mackerel in my diet, my stress levels were so high and I felt ill and sick. I used to find it very difficult to eat enough and to eat the right foods. I took one day at a time. Slowly slowly I started incorporating all these super foods into my diet. Within weeks, I saw the difference it made to my mental health and my physical health. What was amazing and really astounding was how it stabilized my weight and how my skin tone improved. Instead of sweets and drinks, I went for dates and figs as a mid-day snack. To restore the levels of calcium, potassium and B vitamins in my body, I have lots and lots of yogurt, oats milk, figs, and dates. Of course all in moderation. I don’t overeat, binge or purge now, I don’t even restrict anymore. I am very grateful to a holistic therapist in Weybridge for recommending this diet to me. If you are eating and drinking well, you will be able to cope better and recover faster from your Eating Disorder. All I can say is trust me the list of foods below is magical in your recovery and it will prevent your from over-eating, will keep you satiated and will prevent you from going for a binge.

Below is the list of foods taken from Amanda Cochrane’s book Perfect Skin that are high in nutritional values, light on stomach and have anti-stress properties.

Almonds- these nuts contain magnesium, a mineral sometimes known as nature’s tranquilizer. It helps to keep the nerves on an even keel. Nibbling these nuts between meals instead of sweet snacks stabilizes blood sugars and helps to keep energy levels steady.

Bananas- A rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that we convert into serotonin. serotonin is a brain chemical associated with feeling calm and content. anxiety, depression and stress-induced insomnia are linked to low levels of this chemical. other foods containing pre-formed serotonin are dates, red and blue plums, aubergines, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple and tomatoes.

Figs- One of the best plant sources of calcium, a mineral which helps to relax the muscle. Low levels of calcium are linked to anxiety and nervousness. Other good sources are chickpeas, natural yogurt, green leafy vegetables and shell fish.

Flax Oil- The richest natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are needed to make healthy brain and nervous tissue. They also keep the skin soft and smooth. These fatty acids are also present in soya beans, walnuts and pumpkin seeds, as well as oily fish mackerel and salmon.

Whole Grains- These provide plenty of B vitamins which are needed to soothe and strengthen the nerves. B vitamins are rapidly depleted by nerves. As they cannot be stored in the body we need a good supply everyday. They help to keep the blood sugar levels stable and provide a steady source of energy. Good sources are brown rice, wheat, rye and oats.


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