Prevent Death From Bulimia By NOT Doing This‏



Prevent Death From Bulimia By NOT Doing This‏ when you vomit….

I received an Email from a very sweet person in Montreal, who told me that how her body can no longer bear the brunt of vomiting and flushing. Holidays are a very difficult time for those who suffer from an Eating Disorder. It is a very high possibility that with all the triggers and pressures surrounding the Christmas, some may end up relapsing or binging/purging on the day of Christmas. Please don’t put yourself down.


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

I found another great article by  Shaye Boddington in my Inbox. Please read this and this could possibly save your life.  These tips are for those who use self induced vomiting method to purge their food. Shaye really does offer great life saving tips on what to do after you have vomited your food. I have tried her electrolyte replenishing smoothie and it really does work. In fact it really helped me in my recovery.

I’m going to share a tip with you that can prevent death from bulimia. This isn’t really a tip on what to do – rather a tip on what not to do… A tip on how NOT to vomit…

I used to purge in this dangerous way time and time again – daily – without realizing just how close to death it took me…

Yea sure, I felt my whole body go weak, I felt my heart flutter, I felt my chest burn – but I didn’t understand that so many people before me had died from doing this.

What I’m talking about here is called flushing.

Please read this article – you’re a precious human being who deserves a long and happy life… Learning about ‘flushing’ will help to keep you safe.

I’m going to share a tip with you that can prevent death from bulimia. This isn’t really a tip on what to do – rather a tip on what not to do… A tip on how NOT to vomit…

I used to purge in this dangerous way time and time again – daily – without realizing just how close to death it took me…

Yea sure, I felt my whole body go weak, I felt my heart flutter, I felt my chest burn – but I didn’t understand that so many people before me had died from doing this.

What I’m talking about here is called flushing.


What is ‘flushing’ and why is it so dangerous?

Flushing is basically when you purge time and time again and use water in-between to help ‘flush’ out as much food as possible…

Often when people use the flushing technique, they will keep vomiting, then drinking water, then vomiting, until all that is coming up is water – or bile.

When I was bulimic, I was only satisfied that I had ‘got it all out’ when I got to this point…

Then I’d continue with my day – shivery, shaky and exhausted.

I was so obsessed with flushing that I’d go for an evening shower (or 2, or 3) every night and ‘flush’ myself out in the shower. I would drink water straight from the shower head, purge, drink, purge, and continue until I was satisfied.

I had no idea how deadly flushing could be.

Flushing is one of the top ways of depleting your body of essential electrolytes – vital for the correct functioning of your heart. When you purge – and even more so when you flush – your body looses electrolytes, sometimes to the point of it being life threatening.

Since my recovery, I’ve met women with bulimia who have been hospitalized as a result of flushing. One lady was having a single purging session a day, but flushing extensively during it. She was hospitalized with dangerously low potassium levels and was lucky to have survived.

Flushing is one of the most dangerous things you can do as a bulimic. Eliminating ‘flushing’ is an important step to prevent death from bulimia.


What To Do Instead of Flushing?

Of course the ideal thing to do is to stop purging altogether – thats the best way to prevent death from bulimia… But I have been where you are now, I’ve walked to recovery – and I know that giving up purging doesn’t necessarily happen overnight… It can take time…

So the question is…

What can you do while you are working on recovery to keep yourself safe when you slip up and binge/purge?

If you do happen to slip up in recovery and binge, here are the steps to take…


1st Best Option) Resist the urge to vomit

The very best thing you can do for your recovery after a binge, is to keep it down. I know how hard this can be – but it will be a massive step forward in your recovery. By holding down a binge, you’re reinforcing to your mind that:

  1. Binging is not fun (so why do it?)
  2. The famine is over, you will not diet and you will not deplete your body of nutrients by purging. Holding down your binges will help to reduce your biological drive to binge again, which is activated through dieting and/or purging.


And of course holding a binge down will not cause your body any trauma from purging. By not purging you will help to keep your hert safe and prevent death from bulimia.


2nd Best Option) Purge (only once) and replenish your electrolytes

If you can’t help but purge – then please, do so only once. Purging once is far less traumatic to your body than purging repetitively and flushing yourself out with water…

Vomit one time only and accept whatever does not come out.

Once you have purged then do your best to replenish your electrolytes. You can do this by drinking a drink high in electrolytes like a powerade, gatorade, the electrolyte replenishing smoothie, (read below for recipe) or by eating fruit such as bananas and dates. Please make sure you eat or drink (and hold it down) soon after purging.


Bulimia Heart Attack Prevention Smoothie

This bulimia heart attack prevention smoothie is packed full of electrolyte rich ingredients such as dates, milk and bananas… I used to drink it when I was suffering from bulimia – and I’m thankful it helped to keep me safe.

bulimia heart attack prevention
Prevent Bulimia related heart
attacks by drinking this!

Of course the best way to ensure your safety is to stop binging and purging, but I understand this takes time…

In the meantime, while you are working on eliminating binging and purging from your life, this smoothie can help to protect your heart 🙂

This smoothie is particularly important to drink if you have ‘flushed’ which is one of the most dangerous ways of purging.

The bulimia heart attack prevention smoothie recipe:

  • 1 banana
  • 2-3 dates (dried or medjool)
  • 2 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • 1/2 cup of calcium enriched milk (or rice milk if dairy gives you bloating)

Blend all of these ingredients up in a blender, and Voilà – there you have it, an electrolyte rich, heart helping smoothie 🙂

When you drink this bulimia heart attack prevention smoothie, do so slowly, savoring each and every sip…

Envision the electrolytes and nutrients zipping around your body – helping, healing and doing wonderful work.

It’s best to drink this smoothie directly after purging (when your heart is most at risk), or at any part of the day when you are feeling weak and drained. If you find it hard to keep anything down – then drink it before bed so that you can digest it while you sleep. If you think you can manage, drink as a part of your breakfast… It’s delicious and a healthy way to start the day!

Don’t focus on any negatives whilst drinking and digesting this smoothie… Focus on what it’s doing for your health and how it will help your body gain strength to beat bulimia!


What to do if you end up flushing?

Of course I hope that after learning the dangers of flushing, you do everything in your power to avoid it. As I’ve said, by not flushing yourself, you’re taking a huge step to prevent death from bulimia.

I want you to keep yourself safe because I know that there’s a magnificent life waiting for you on the other side of this journey. Keeping yourself safe will help make sure you get a chance to experience that life!

However, if you do end up flushing, then please do what you can to protect yourself afterwards…

  • Replenish your electrolytes – Eat or drink electrolyte rich food/fluid – as mentioned in the step above.
  • Allow yourself to take it easy – Rest up and don’t put any added pressure on your heart.
  • Don’t isolate yourself – Stay in the company of others so that if you do have any complications, there are people to help you.

I know some of these steps might sound extreme – but death from bulimia is a genuine risk, particularly if you purge over and over again and use the flushing technique. So do what you can to keep yourself safe…

You are a precious human being and you deserve a long and joyful life 🙂


How to motivate yourself in Bulimia recovery

I know how scary the side effects of bulimia can be. I know that the idea of death from bulimia is quite traumatic… And this is why I urge you to be aware of the risks (and do what you can to prevent them), but not to use them as motivation for your recovery…

Recovery is not born out of fear – it is born out of love and hope.

A deep (even if it’s somewhat dim!) love for yourself – and the hope for a better life.

So instead of saying “I must recover so that I don’t have a heart attack”


“I will recover because I deserve to enjoy my life!”

Always use positive motivation to spur yourself forward in your recovery journey 🙂

If you would like some added guidance in this journey, please visit my online recovery program: The Bulimia Recovery Program.

Lots of love,

Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community




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    This is exactly what I do/have done since I started purging in middle school. I had no idea how dangerous it is. I feel extremely lucky to not be in worse condition physically than I am.

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