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In Our Recovery We are Inspired by Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

“One step at a time. One day at a time. One hour at a time.”

And the earth hath He appointed for His creatures
Wherein are fruit and sheathed palm trees,
Husked grain and scented herb.
Which is it of these favors of your Lord
that ye deny?
Qur’an 55:10-13


Dear Readers,

Having varied meal plans throughout the recovery is Must to Defeat the Demon of Eating Disorder.

Allah did not create any illness without also creating the remedy, except death [old age]. Allah said that he who lives according to the Qur’an will have a long life.

My First attempt at Recovery from Anorexia was in Islamabad.





My mother tried all methods in her book. We went to doctors, homeopathics, scholars, imams, everyone.  One day we went to a cave of Sufi Saint Bari Imam in Islamabad.


IMG_20160103_154806298 IMG_20160103_155407559

I met a 75 year old kind gentle lady who was beautiful at heart. Every week she boarded a bus from her village in Gujranwala to pay homage to Bari Imam. It’s not an easy journey especially for an elderly lady, but you wouldn’t believe how much energy she had. When we reached Bari Imam it was lunch time, she offered us a piece of bread made of barley flour. I simply refused. I was exhausted both physically and emotionally. She scolded me gently for refusing the food of our Prophet (pbuh).  She said she was in love with the Prophet (pbuh) and she ate what the Prophet ate. She said to my mother to begin my recovery with the foods from the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


The origin of every disease is cold. So eat when you desire and refrain when you desire.


It began with dates, three in the morning, three in the evening and then we gradually added other foods to my list. Back in UK, I was so busy building my international career that eating took a back seat. I forgot all about fresh fruit, veggies, organic poultry, fresh water fish from the farms in Islamabad, it was like nothing existed and the only existence that was real was my eating disorder.  After spending sometime in an Eating Disorder Unit, going through relapse and making another attempt at recovery, I now dedicate two days in a week where I incorporate foods from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into my diet. 


The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) was once reported to have said, “There are two kinds of knowledge: knowledge of religion and knowledge of the body.” The Prophet (s.a.w.s.) frequently commented upon the nature and value of various foods and spices.


I encourage everyone to eat from the kitchen of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),  it  has thousands of blessings and really helps you to feel good about yourself.  Trust me soon food becomes your friend and from eating meat to drinking fresh milk becomes a great source of pleasure and enjoyment. Friday is a day that I fully devote to eating these foods. The way our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ate is not very adequate in calories for those that are recovering from eating disorder, anorexia/bulimia.  Therefore I have added some extra foods, made from what our Prophet loved. Have a Blessed Meal.

When You Follow the Sunnat, you become truly Blessed.  A truly Inspiring story and Pearls of Wisdom of 120 Years old Man- Who Followed the Sunnatullah.


Weekly Pearls of Wisdom- 120 Years old Grandfather Councils Us



Foods Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Loved

Prophet Muhammad foods 3








Figs ﺮﻴﺠﻧﺍ


Figs are excellent for your digestive health and bones.








Raw Milk



Meat (ﺖﺷﻮﮔ):


Prophet Muhammad (ﻪﻟﺍﻭ ﻪﻴﻠﻋ ﻪﻠﻟﺍ ﻰﻠﺻ ﻢﻠﺳﻭ) said.”Meat is the king of foods”, (sayed ut Tawam).


It is rich in protein, iron, zinc, selenium. Good for bones, teeth, strengthening the immune system, body tissues and many more.

Olive Oil


pomegranate-4 - Copy pomegranates

Squash or Pumpkin (ﻭﺪﮐ)


It was Prophet Muhammad(SAW)’s favorite vegetable. It is good for Lungs, protects against birth defects. Good in asthma, colon cancer, pain, blood pressure, heart disease and much more.




Sample Recovery Meal Plan/Menu

Day 1-3

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: There is blessing in three things: in the early morning meal, in bread and in soup.

After Dawn Prayer- Early Morning

1 Tbsp Honey in Glass of Warm Water

After the dawn prayer, the prophet used to have honey juice, about a spoon of honey dissolved in pure water. This energizes your mind and body and boosts your immune system. 


7 Dates soaked in 200 ml Milk

Prophet Muhammd says:whoever starts his day by eating seven dates in the morning, he will be safe against poisons and magic.  The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to take seven semi-dried dates soaked in milk.

dates-with-milk milk-dates

Morning Snack

200 ml Milk with Fig roll or fig almond cookie

Drink 8oz water


1 piece of Barley Bread with 1 TBSP of Olive Oil mixed with two drops of Apple Vinegar with a serving of Gourd curry or stuffed zuchini or pumpkin stew

After noon prayer, the prophet  used to take a spoon of olive oil mixed with two drop of apple vinegar with a piece of barley bread.

Mid- Afternoon Snack

I could not find any information on what Prophet Muhammad had for His Mid-Afternoon or Early-Morning Snack. But you can always have this delicious smoothie or just a serving of Fruit salad. Bon Appetite!

Pomegranate  smoothie

or just make a fruit salad with seasonal fruits and add seeded pomegranate  and grapes.

Drink 8oz water


Tharid with Red Carrot Dill Parsley Salad.

The prophet used to take a red carrot a long with dill and Parsley.

1 serving of  Tharid Emirati Lamb Stew,

1 piece of bread

with 200 grams Red carrot Dill Parsley Salad ,

8oz water

Recipe For Tharid

Often referred to as the Prophet Muhammad’s favorite dish this delicious lamb and vegetable stew is absolutely amazing. Have it with a piece of bread or chappati/roti/naan.


14 cup canola oil
3 lb. bone-in lamb shoulder, trimmed and cut into 3″ pieces
2 tbsp. bzar (Emirati spice mix)
5 whole cloves
2 chiles de árbol, stemmed
1 large yellow onion, thinly sliced lengthwise
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 (4″) piece ginger, peeled and minced
1 tbsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper, plus more to taste
14 tsp. ground cardamom
4 plum tomatoes, quartered lengthwise
2 bay leaves
15 baby Yukon Gold potatoes
2 medium carrots, peeled and halved crosswise
2 small zucchini, halved crosswise
2 large Italian frying peppers, quartered lengthwise
Kosher salt, to taste
4 (12″) pieces roti flatbread, toasted


Heat oil in an 8-qt. Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Season lamb all over with spice mix; working in batches, add lamb to pot and cook, turning as needed, until browned on all sides, about 6 minutes. Transfer lamb to a plate and set aside. Add cloves, chiles, and onion to pot, and cook, stirring occasionally, until onion is soft and begins to caramelize, about 10 minutes. Add garlic and ginger, and cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Add cumin, pepper, cardamom, tomatoes, and bay leaves, and cook, stirring, until tomatoes are soft, about 2 minutes. Return lamb to pot, along with any drippings that accumulated on the plate. Add the potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peppers, and 12 cups water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer, partially covered, until lamb is tender, about 1 12 hours; season with salt and pepper.
Line a large, deep serving dish with roti flatbread, and using a slotted spoon, arrange meat and vegetables over flatbread in dish. Pour liquid into a large serving bowl and serve on the side.




Fruit Platter: Selection of Melons


After Night Prayers- Bed Time Snack

After performing the Aisha prayer, the prophet used to take yogurt if available preferring this to any other food with a piece of barley bread.

Alternative lunch/dinner ideas using Mushrooms, Meat, Squash:

bulletpointMushroom stew

bulletpointKhoresht Gharch (Persian Mushroom Stew)

bulletpointMushroom Risotto

bulletpointTharid Lamb Stew with Gourd (This was served to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh))

bulletpointTharid with Talbinah (Lamb Stew poured over barley, excellent for for the sick/grieving)

bulletpointMoroccan stuffed Mushrooms

bulletpointSpicy Pumpkin soup

bulletpointPersian Pumpkin curry with Chickpeas

bulletpointMideastern stuffed Zuchinni

bulletpointMiddle Eastern slow-cooked stew with lamb, chick peas and figs

bulletpointMushroom barley soup with olive bread

bulletpointSummer squash with beef

bulletpointStuffed Zucchini

Breakfast Ideas

bulletpointslice of date and walnut bread with 1 TBSP honey and a glass of milk.


I Eat The Way Prophet Eats

Eating Etiquette in Islam

Sunnahs for eating

bulletpointAllow your food to cool before eating, for in hot food there is no blessing.

bulletpointWhen you eat, take your shoes off, for then indeed your feet have more rest.

bulletpointThere is blessing in the middle of a dish. So commence from the side and not from the middle.

bulletpointThere is blessing in three things: in the early morning meal, in bread and in soup.

bulletpointLet no one drink while standing up, except one who is suffering from sciatica.

bulletpointEat your meal at dawn, for there is blessing in a meal at dawn.



Food is not your enemy

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Islam and Eating Disorders founded in 2012 – run by Maha Khan, the blog creates awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world, offers information and support for sufferers and their loved ones.


  1. masha ALLAH, this is very useful information. I am a RD (registered Dietitian) to be, and this information is very helpful especially when dealing with muslim patients. It is important to go the prophetic way of eating and insha Allah we will find some Rahma and good health. Allah help you guys and all muslims around the world

  2. Marouf Ahmad Jan on

    Thanks brother for this information. Can u please send information about preparation of mushrooms for birth control.

  3. Hello . I’m from Asian . Can I change the menu but still using some of the ingredients that our prophet Muhammad used ? And about the milk , I have milk allergy. Can I still consume that ? Because what I know that pasteurised milks outside there are not good . So I’m a bit confused, should I consume raw and fresh milk but I have milk allergy since child .. All favourite food that prophet Muhammad loved alhamdulillah can easily find in Malaysia but the spices are quite difficult to find . Can I make any menu that include those ? Thank you 😊

    • Dear zeti

      Thank you for visiting and for your question.

      Please omit milk from your diet

      Please use as many ingredients as you can in different ways as possible and please share with us as well.

      Wishing you the very best

  4. athaya naufal on

    Hey i have a big question that keep asking in my mind, its about food of rasulullah SAW that he eat everyday, if you like to answer me, i would like to ask you in the next post

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